Hege: Sourced from the heights of Himalayas

Flowing from the pristine Himalayas in the Shivalik ranges of West Himachal Pradesh, our water originates from the coordinates 28.5983° N, 83.9310° E.

  • 20-Years Natural Alkaline Water process

    20 Year Journey

    With a remarkable two-decade journey, Hege - Natural Alkaline Mineral Water originates from the Himalayas, where it begins its voyage through the untouched landscapes, symbolising a commitment to purity and excellence.

  • Depiction of minerals in natural water

    Collects Minerals from Bedrocks

    As Hege water meanders through its course, it naturally seeps through the ancient bedrocks of the Himalayas, absorbing a rich array of essential minerals, including calcium, magnesium, and bicarbonates, from the earth's depths, enriching its composition with minerals crucial for optimal health.

  • Hege alkaline Water through Earth's mineral layers

    40-Metre Underground Aquifers

    Delving deep beneath the earth's surface, Hege's water traverses through 40-metre underground aquifers, where it remains shielded from environmental contaminants, preserving its exceptional purity and pristine quality.

  • Natural Alkaline Water filtration process

    Sand Filtration

    Every droplet undergoes rigorous sand filtration, traversing through 2 tons of the finest 0.45 mm sand layer, followed by 0.01 mm micro-filters, and three rounds of cotton fibre filtration. This meticulous method ensures Hege's purification flawlessly, protecting it against any external pollutants.

After thorough sanitation, our BPA-free cans are ready. They are then filled with Hege’s natural alkalinity ~ 8, calcium (75.63 mg/L), magnesium (18 mg/L), and bicarbonate (270 mg/L) levels. At Hege, we pride ourselves on delivering water in its purest, untouched form. Our commitment to maintaining the natural integrity of water ensures that every drop remains unprocessed, retaining its inherent minerals and alkalinity. This dedication to purity guarantees that Hege water provides optimal hydration, supporting overall health and well-being. Free from artificial additives or processing, our water nourishes the body with essential minerals, promoting vitality and longevity. Choose Hege for a refreshing and healthful hydration experience, straight from nature's untouched source.

Hege Uncovered

Embark on a transformative journey with Hege, exploring the origins of our natural alkaline mineral water, enriched with the essence of the Himalayas for exceptional purity and well-being.

Co-Founder’s Note:

Find out the vision behind Hege, as our founders share their journey and their commitment to delivering top-notch quality to your doorstep.