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What is Natural Mineral water?

Natural mineral water is a gift of nature. It is directly sourced from underground aquifers near Mountains or Natural Springs that are thoroughly protected from any form of contamination. Natural Mineral Water consists of essential minerals such as Calcium, Sodium, Magnesium, Potassium and the other integral micronutrients that are naturally absorbed by the water as it flows through layers of rock, soil, and sediment through its journey.

What are confined aquifers?

Under the earth, there are pools of water called aquifers. A confined aquifer is protected by a thick, impermeable, layer of clay. The clay above the confined aquifer protects the water from contamination.

Why does Natural Mineral Water taste different from RO water?

Natural mineral water tastes different from RO water because it contains minerals like calcium, magnesium, and potassium, which give it a distinct flavour. On the other hand, RO water is stripped of these minerals, resulting in a flat taste without the mineral notes found in natural mineral water.

Why not choose the Kangen water purifier?

Choosing natural mineral water over a Kangen water purifier has several benefits.

Firstly, natural mineral water is sourced from underground springs or wells, ensuring it contains essential minerals beneficial for health.

Secondly, natural mineral water undergoes minimal processing, preserving its natural purity.

Lastly, Kangen water purifiers may alter the pH level of water, which may not be suitable for everyone, while natural mineral water maintains a balanced pH naturally

What are the sustainable practices Hege is practising?

Our commitment includes the use of renewable energy, minimizing plastic packaging by exclusively offering 20L cans (unlike our competitors), and collaborating with local communities to safeguard natural water resources.

How do I contact Hege for help with my order?

To contact Hege for assistance with your order, you can reach them at the following numbers:

Hyderabad: 7075839306

Bangalore: 9154293265

What is meant by the 20-year journey of this water?

The 20-year journey of Natural Mineral water from the Himalayas refers to the time it takes for water to naturally filter through layers of rock and soil, gradually absorbing essential minerals along the way. This slow and natural process enhances the water's purity and enriches it with minerals. The result is premium quality water with a distinct taste and health benefits.

What is the difference between Hege water and Himalayan water?

Hege Natural mineral water differentiates itself from Himalayan Natural mineral water by being conscious about plastic waste, selling only 20L cans instead of 1L bottles. Additionally, both brands have a similar composition and taste, offering a comparable drinking experience.

Why is the price difference this huge between the brands that provide the same natural mineral water?

The price difference between brands offering the same natural mineral water can be attributed to factors such as brand reputation, marketing costs, production methods, packaging materials, and distribution channels. Additionally, some brands may invest more in sustainable practices, which can affect pricing.

Does natural mineral water help streamline the sleep schedule?

Natural mineral water can contribute to a healthy sleep schedule due to its hydration benefits and mineral content. Staying properly hydrated supports overall well-being, including quality sleep. While it can be part of a healthy routine, it's important to adopt other good sleep habits as well for optimal results.

Can I use Hege water for making ice cubes?

Yes, you can use Hege water for making ice cubes. It's a great way to ensure that your beverages remain pure and refreshing.

Is there a limit to how much Hege water I can consume in a day?

While there's no strict limit on how much Hege water you can consume in a day, it's important to drink water in moderation and listen to your body's hydration needs.

How is Hege water packaged for delivery?

Hege water is packaged in sturdy and sealed plastic cans to ensure freshness and prevent contamination during transportation.

Can I track the delivery status of my Hege water order?

Yes, you can track the delivery status of your Hege water order through our website or by contacting customer support with your order details.


Does the mineral content remain the same in every water can of Hege?

Yes, the mineral content will remain consistent in every can of Hege Mineral Water. However, due to its natural Himalayan origin and rock filtration process, there may be slight variations of up to 2% in the composition of minerals present in the water.

How long does it take to see the effect of water on the ailments?

The time it takes to observe the effects of natural mineral water on ailments can vary depending on the individual and the specific condition. While some individuals may experience relief or improvements shortly after consuming natural mineral water, others may require a longer duration of regular consumption to notice significant changes.

Can mixing Hege water with Ro water still serve the purpose?

Mixing Hege water with RO water may dilute the mineral content and alter the overall composition. As a result, the health impact may vary depending on the specific mineral content and concentrations in the final mixture. It is advisable to not mix Hege water with RO water.

Does Hege water composition help treat particular health conditions?

Yes, the composition of Hege water helps your body work more effectively and has a significant positive impact on your health in a short period of time. The body begins to repair and produce results automatically because of its proper makeup. Improvements can be shown in gastrointestinal problems, joint pain, hair loss, bright skin etc. It benefits people with a variety of ailments mostly because of its alkalinity.

Is Hege’s water composition scientifically proven?

Certainly! We take great pride in prioritizing consumer welfare, Our water composition is scientifically established and meets rigorous standards. Each batch undergoes thorough examination to ensure legal compliance. For transparency, buyers receive a comprehensive lab report detailing the water's quality.

Is Hege water composition good for individuals with Diabetes?

Hege water composition can be beneficial for individuals with diabetes. Certain minerals present in this water, such as magnesium and bicarbonate, may contribute to improved insulin sensitivity and glucose metabolism, potentially supporting diabetes management.

Is it okay to drink Calcium-rich water? Will there be any side effects?

Drinking calcium-rich water is generally safe and can even provide some health benefits. Calcium is essential for maintaining strong bones and teeth. It is important to maintain a balanced diet and consult a healthcare professional for personalized advice on calcium intake.

Is it okay to drink water with TDS >250?

Drinking water with a total dissolved solids (TDS) level above 250 is generally considered safe for consumption. However, it's important to note that TDS is a measure of the mineral content in water, feel free to conduct a water quality test to ensure that the TDS level in your drinking water falls within acceptable limits.

Why should I drink water that’s labelled as Calcium-rich, Balanced TDS, and Naturally Alkaline?

Drinking water labelled as calcium-rich, balanced TDS (total dissolved solids), and naturally alkaline can offer several benefits. Calcium is essential for strong bones and teeth, while balanced TDS ensures optimal mineral content for overall health. Naturally alkaline water helps maintain the body's pH balance, supporting proper digestion and hydration.

Hege Water

Where is Hege Natural Mineral Water sourced from?

Hege - Natural Mineral Water is sourced from the foothills of the Himalayas from confined aquifers at the foothills of the Himalayas.

How do I believe the water is from the Himalayas?

Hege Natural Mineral water provides complete transparency and traceability of its water sources, ensuring that the water originates from the pristine Himalayan region. Rigorous quality control measures and certifications guarantee the authenticity and purity of our water, giving you full confidence in its origin.

How is Hege water made?

Hege natural mineral water isn’t made, it’s given to us by nature. Our water gets its unique, exceptional qualities from the source. Protected under a fortress of geological layers built by glaciers 30,000 years ago, it slowly travels through natural snowy, glacial rocks naturally filtering it. It’s a 20-year process before it gets from the Himalayan foothills to you - with no additives, no enhancements. The water’s unique taste and composition are a result of nature’s water cycle.

How does Hege Natural Mineral Water taste?

Hege Natural mineral water gets a distinct crisp taste because of its 20-year journey through the Himalayan bedrock. It's the taste of nature and purity.

Why drink Hege Water?

Hege contains minerals comprising of Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Bicarbonates, and other micronutrients which are highly beneficial for the human body. All Minerals and trace elements in Hege are natural. There are no artificial additions. Hege water is also naturally Alkaline with a pH of ~8 which helps in neutralizing acidic levels in the body.

Where is Hege water bottled?

Since Hege Water is natural mineral water, it must be bottled at the source. Hege Water is bottled and sealed into individual water cans at our only bottling plant in Himachal Pradesh at the foothills of the Shivalik Mountain Range, part of the Himalayan Mountains.

Are Hege water cans recyclable?

All Hege water cans are 100% recyclable. Hege plastic jars are made of PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate)- the most commonly recycled type of plastic.

What happens to Hege water cans after they get empty?

All Hege water cans are made for single use only. After a Hege water can gets empty at your home, our logistics team will collect them back from you. These cans are then responsibly recycled in collaboration with NGOs.

How long does the freshness of Hege water last in the 20L plastic cans?

Once opened, the freshness of Hege water in the 20L plastic cans can be preserved for approximately 1.5 months. However, if the can remains unopened, the water can maintain its freshness for up to 6 months. It is important to consume the water within the recommended timeframes for optimal taste and quality.

How is Hege water sourced?

It is sourced from the mountain bedrocks in Himachal Pradesh. So, it retains a very unique, natural and soothing flavour. It is neither touched nor processed. It is free from the risk of foreign pollutants. It has inevitably passed through layers of rock, clay and sand. It also remains free from bacteria naturally.

Pricing & Plans

Which subscription plan is best for me?

For individual consumption, we would suggest you go for the Kids and Teens Plan(2cans) or Adult plan(4cans). For family consumption, we’re having Couple Plan(8cans) Family of 4 (12cans) and Family of 6(16cans) plans. You can subscribe to any plan which is best for you and your family.

Is finishing all cans in my subscription plan mandatory in 1 month?


Why is Hege water very pricey?

Hege Water is pricey due to several factors. Firstly, the remote and difficult terrain of the region makes sourcing and transportation challenging, increasing production costs. Additionally, the Himalayas are known for their pristine and untouched environment, which contributes to the water's purity and mineral content, making it highly sought after and commanding a premium price.

What is the delivery time for water cans?

The delivery time for water cans across Hyderabad and Bangalore is typically within 24 hours.

Can the plans once subscribed be unsubscribed and refunded?

Yes, the plans subscribed can be unsubscribed and refunded. However, please note that the original price of Rs. 900/- per can delivered will be deducted, and the remaining amount will be refunded.

What is the price of one Hege Water Can?

The price of One 20-litre water can is Rs. 985/-

Check out this link to discover our packages:

Can I subscribe to a regular delivery service for the 20L can(s) of Hege water?

Yes, you can subscribe to a regular delivery service. To arrange a subscription, please contact:

Hyderabad: 7075839306

Bangalore: 9154293265

Do I have to order every time from the website?

Not necessarily, our agents will reach out to you, but you can also contact them if needed. Just let them know the number of cans and specific delivery times. They will investigate and assist you to ensure your needs are met.

Are there different pricing options based on the frequency of delivery?

We ensure that you receive the cans at the best possible pricing. Regardless of frequency, we do not change the pricing of the cans.

Are there any discounts available for first-time customers?

Yes, we offer special discounts or promotions for first-time customers. Please check our website or contact customer support for more details.

Are there any additional charges for late payments or missed deliveries?

Late payments or missed deliveries may incur additional charges, depending on our policies and terms of service. Please refer to your subscription agreement for more information.

Is there a referral program available for existing customers?

Yes, we offer a referral program where existing customers can earn rewards or discounts by referring new customers to our service. Please contact customer support for more details.

Subscription Plans

How does Hege Water's subscription service work?

Hege Water's subscription service allows customers to receive regular deliveries of our premium alkaline water directly to their doorstep. Simply choose your preferred subscription plan, frequency of deliveries, and quantity of water, and we'll take care of the rest.

Can I customize my subscription plan to suit my specific needs?

Yes, we offer flexibility to customize your subscription plan according to your preferences. You can adjust the delivery frequency, change the quantity of water delivered, or even pause or cancel your subscription at any time through our online portal.

What are the benefits of subscribing to Hege Water compared to one-time purchases?

Subscribing to Hege Water offers several benefits, including discounted pricing on bulk orders, convenience of regular deliveries without the hassle of reordering, and access to exclusive promotions and perks available only to subscribers.

How do I manage my subscription, such as updating payment information or changing delivery address?

Managing your subscription is easy with our user-friendly online platform. Simply log in to your account to update payment information, change your delivery address, adjust your subscription plan, or contact customer support for any assistance you may need.

What is Hege Water's policy on returns, exchanges, or refunds for subscription orders?

We strive for 100% customer satisfaction. If you're not completely satisfied with your subscription order for any reason, please reach out to our customer support team within 15 days of receiving your delivery, and we'll gladly assist you with returns, exchanges, or refunds as per our policy.

Do's & Don'ts

Can I freeze or boil Hege water?

Freezing Natural Mineral water may alter its taste and texture as minerals can separate or form sediment. Thawing it slowly in the refrigerator before consumption helps minimize these changes. When boiling Natural Mineral water, use a stainless steel or glass pot to prevent unwanted reactions with minerals or other materials.

Can I use Hege water for cooking?

Yes, you can use natural mineral water for cooking. It adds flavour and enhances the taste of your dishes. Feel free to incorporate it into your recipes for a delicious touch.

Can I mix Natural Mineral Water with Ro water?

No, it is not recommended to mix natural mineral water with RO water due to their pH differences. Natural mineral water typically has a balanced pH level, while RO water tends to have a lower pH. Mixing the two can result in an imbalance and may affect the overall quality and taste of the water.

Can I keep shifting my water brands?

No, it is not recommended to keep shifting water brands from natural mineral water to other normal water. Consistently consuming a specific brand of natural mineral water allows you to enjoy its unique mineral composition and potential health benefits.

Can pregnant women drink Natural Mineral Water regularly?

Yes, pregnant women can drink natural mineral water regularly. It's a healthy choice with essential minerals and no harmful additives. Remember to consult your healthcare professional for personalized advice.

Can babies and kids around 6 months-9 years old drink Hege water?

Yes, babies and kids between 6 months and 9 years old can drink natural mineral water. Natural mineral water can be a good source of hydration and essential minerals, but it should not replace breast milk or formula for infants under 6 months old.

Can I store Hege water in copper utensils?

No, storing natural mineral water in copper utensils can be dangerous. Copper can react with the water and lead to the leaching of copper ions, which can be harmful if consumed in excess. It is best to store mineral water in non-reactive containers like glass or stainless steel.

Can I store Hege water in clay pots?

Yes, you can store natural mineral water in clay pots. Clay pots keep the water fresh and cool due to their porous nature. Just make sure the pots are clean to maintain water quality.

Is it okay to store the cans on a balcony?

No, it is not okay to store plastic cans on a balcony. Balconies are exposed to high temperatures and direct sunlight, which can cause the plastic to degrade and release harmful chemicals into the water. It is recommended to store such cans in a cool and shaded area to maintain the quality and safety of the water.

Can I expect the results from Hege Water in 1 month?

The effects of Natural Mineral Water may differ for each person and typically require consistent consumption over time for noticeable benefits. While it helps with hydration and provides essential minerals, significant results within a month may not be expected. Maintaining a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle is key for optimal outcomes.

Can I reuse the plastic water cans for other purposes after a finishing the water?

It's not recommended to reuse plastic water cans for other purposes due to hygiene concerns and potential leaching of chemicals into the water.

Should I clean the water dispenser before refilling it with Hege water?

Yes, it's important to regularly clean and sanitize the water dispenser before refilling it with Hege water to maintain hygiene and prevent contamination.

Can I use Hege water for watering plants or gardening?

While technically possible, it's not recommended to use Hege water for watering plants or gardening, as it's intended for human consumption and may contain minerals that could affect plant growth.

Is it safe to drink Hege water if it's been left in a hot car for a few hours?

It's not advisable to drink Hege water that has been left in a hot car for an extended period, as high temperatures can compromise the quality and safety of the water.