Naturally Alkaline:

Contains Calcium, Magnesium, Bicarbonates & more...

Hege: Nature infused minerals, refreshing hydration, sourced from the pristine Himalayas with essential minerals present in Himalayan bedrocks.


Absorbed from Himalayan Limestone.


Leached from Dolomite, Limestone into the Water.


Formation via Carbonate Rock Interaction.


Geological Composition of Himalayas Yields High Alkalinity.

Helps With:

Gut, Kidney Health, Bones, Wellness, Woman & more...

Explore the benefits of Natural Alkaline Mineral Water. From ideal hydration to essential minerals replenishment like calcium, magnesium and bicarbonates, witness overall well being with every sip of Hege.


Its rich mineral content supports vital bodily functions, and alkalinity aids in maintaining pH balance.


Natural alkaline water can render pepsin inactive, which aids in alleviating acid reflux symptoms.


Natural mineral water helps decrease blood pressure especially among individuals with low urinary excretion of Mg/Cal.


Alkaline mineral water reduces cell apoptosis, oxidative stress, and inflammation, thereby supporting kidney health.

Pregnancy Benefits With Hege.

Hydrate naturally with alkaline water. Minerals & micronutrients support a healthy pregnancy for you & your baby.


100% Natural with pH ~ 8, TDS > 250 PPM, & more...

Discover the purity of Hege Natural Alkaline Mineral Water, sourced from the pristine Himalayas, ensuring top notch quality.

Health Guru’s Confidence in Hege

Sports Nutritionist - Ryan Fernando on "The Best Water in the World" in Raj Shamani's Podcast...

Watch India’s one of the best Sports Nutritionists - Ryan Fernando advocate for Hege Water and its impact on health and wellness when asked, “Which one is the best water in India/the EU/around the world?”


Untouched, Unprocessed, Mineral Rich, Balanced TDS & more...

Delve into the 20-year journey of Hege Natural Alkaline Mineral Water, sourced from the Himalayas, collecting essential minerals and enriching every sip with natural goodness.

Introducing Hege: The Himalayan Journey of Purity and Vitality

Step into the world of Hege, where the essence of pristine Himalayan purity meets the sustainability. Hege’s journey is a testament to our commitment to delivering nature's goodness in every drop.

Pristine Origin: Nestled in the heart of the Himalayas, Hege begins its journey from untouched bedrocks, collecting essential minerals as it flows into 40m underground aquifers.

Preserving Purity: Free from chemical fertilisers, pests, or radioactive substances, Hege's purity is meticulously preserved throughout its journey. The rust-free SS304 pipes ensure quality maintenance, while each drop undergoes a journey of sand and micron filtration.

Fine Filtration: Through a series of filtration processes, Hege achieves pristine perfection. From passing through 2 tons of the finest 0.45mm sand layer, then through 0.01mm micron-filters, every step is taken to guard against external contaminations.

Hygienic Packaging: Our commitment to purity extends to our packaging. BPA-free cans undergo thorough sanitization, providing a hygienic vessel for nature's essence.

Nature's Balance: Hege water boasts a natural alkalinity of around 8, complemented by optimal levels of calcium (75.63 mg/L), magnesium (18 mg/L), and bicarbonates (270 mg/L). It's not just water; it's a balance of the Himalayas’ finest elements.

Join us on the journey of Hege, where nature redefines the standards of purity in natural mineral water.