Why Alkaline Water Is the Next Big Thing in Health

Why Alkaline Water Is the Next Big Thing in Health

The alkaline water has a key characteristic which is having a pH level higher than the regular tap or drinking water. To know further on, keep reading the article.

The importance of water for our health

Regular water, not alkaline, itself provides us with so many benefits itself such as, regulating our body temperature, creating saliva, helping in the function cognitive system, protecting our spinal cord, joints and tissues, helping in the excretion of waste from our body, gives us the strength to perform more physical tasks, boosts our energy, and last but not the least, it keeps us hydrated which in turn protects our body from incurring health issues such as kidney failure, seizures or swelling in the brain. 

About alkaline water

To understand what alkaline mineral water means, we need to understand the pH range/levels which range from 0 to 14. When considering water, it has a pH value of 7, it is in the balance between alkaline and acidic pH value. Less than 7 is acidic and more than 7 is alkaline.

Being the talk of the town, alkaline mineral water is highly discussed. Does it do what people claim it does? Is it safe? What does it do if it's alkaline?


Bone Health:

Alkaline water is rich in minerals as mentioned before along with components like calcium, which help in making our bones healthier. 

pH Balance:

pH means the power of hydrogen, as explained before where the pH level of the water stands in between the scale of 0-14, depicts how alkaline or acidic the water is.  

Weight Loss:

The junk food we consume on a day-to-day basis, or the oily components of our deep-fried food, is high in acidic contents. The more we consume acidic food, the fatter cells will be produced.

If we start drinking natural alkaline water or alkaline packaged drinking water, it will help our body lose weight in a much easier way.

And there are many more benefits to the consumption of natural alkaline water or alkaline packaged drinking water. 

The future of alkaline water:

As I’ve mentioned before, alkaline water has been the talk of the town. I'll say it again since the concept of alkaline water got introduced and since the time it got recognition, it has been a part of many controversies, and many opinions. 

Some say it is of no use, and some people are going gaga over it. To each their own. 

However, alkaline water does have such unique features which are not present in the regular water or the tap water, it has an alkaline pH value and is rich in minerals and other necessary components, which if not benefit a lot, will at least be safe and free of pollution. Still having the ball in its court when it gets to preference.  

Considering alkaline water?

If you’re looking for natural alkaline water or alkaline water in Hyderabad or alkaline packaged drinking water in general, you should consider Natural Hege. Their alkaline packaged drinking water has a composition of calcium Ca2+ 68 mg/L, has a pH value of 8, Bicarbonate of 263 mg/L and balanced TDS of approx. 250 ppm. With the price point of Rs. 45 per Litre which is Rs. 800 of 20 Litres, is budget-friendly and top-notch in terms of quality. 

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