What is Natural Mineral Water?

What is Natural Mineral Water?

Water is an age-old essential which is integral to human life and sustenance. The water intended for drinking must be pure and also have nutritive value. It should be free from pollutants; it should contain the requisite minerals and essential micronutrients. The best form of drinking water is inevitably Natural Mineral Water.

Natural mineral water is made by nature. It is directly sourced from underground aquifers near Mountains or Natural Springs that are thoroughly protected from any form of contamination. Natural Mineral Water consists of essential minerals such as Calcium, Sodium, Magnesium, Potassium and the other integral micronutrients that are naturally absorbed by the water as it flows through layers of rock, soil, and sediment through its journey.

Hege Natural Mineral Water packaging is done close to its point of emergence. This makes it all the more suitable to consume. It is not subjected to artificial treatments.

Sources of Natural Mineral Water 

Mineral water is generally sourced from natural reservoirs. They are mostly Mountains or Natural Springs. This is the reason why it is furnished by nature.

The popular Natural Mineral Water sources are Fiji Island, Alpine Springs and Himalayas.

The finest source of Natural Mineral Water however is the Himalayas. In the high altitudes of Himalayas, there is no scope for pollution but only untainted goodness. The water found in the Himalayas is duly pristine. It traverses a long course over a span of 20 years therefore it has a natural and unique taste. Further, it has all the requisite minerals such as Magnesium, Calcium, Sodium, Potassium, Zinc etc. It also has the important micronutrients which are very wholesome and holistic.

Furnished with the wellness of Important Vital Organic Minerals

Natural Mineral Water is known for its purity. It follows under the mountain bedrocks for about 20 years. Therefore, it retains a very unique, natural and soothing flavour. It is neither touched nor processed. It is free from the risk of foreign pollutants. It has inevitably passed through layers of rock, clay, sand. It thus remains free from bacteria naturally. Natural Mineral Water is nourished by nature which makes it all the more a choice!

Developing a habit of drinking Natural Mineral Water implies making health and wellness a choice!

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