Water – Why should we drink it?

Water – Why should we drink it?

Water is the most valuable element among the five elements of nature. It is considered omnipresent in Rigveda. Water is treated equally to the omnipotent in ancient times. It is considered as divine energy of nature in Vedas, especially fresh drinking water from The Himalayas.

Water is not just for quenching our thirst but, it does many things that support our health and body functions with its magical nutrients and minerals that naturally exist in water. And what health benefits does natural mineral water have?

Water is essential for your health – What makes it essential, important, and divine?

Did you ever think about why is water essential and important? Because Water makes up the majority of the body-weight and supports in performing important functions like washing off the waste from our body, regulating the temperature, supports brain function, and much more.

Health benefits of water

Water helps in the creation of Saliva 

Water is an essential component of saliva that contains small amounts of electrolytes and enzymes. Saliva plays an important role in breaking down solid food and keeps the mouth healthy. Our body produces enough saliva with regular water intake. 

Water maximizes the physical performance

Having a planet of water during physical activity can help get back the strength, power, and endurance. When we exercise without drinking enough water can leads to serious medical conditions like Hyperthermia and high blood pressure.

Water aids digestion

Water helps in digestion and can boost the process of breaking the food in a better way. So, elders always suggest everyone drink enough water before and after meals.

Water supports nutrition absorption

Water helps in dissolving the essential vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients from the food we consume. It passes these vitamin components to the other body parts to utilize it at maximum.

Water promotes weight loss

According to recent studies on water, it is revealed that water plays a key role in losing the extra pounds in our body. Drinking more water while dieting can boost weight loss.

Water fights illness

Drinking enough water can help prevent medical problems like constipation. Kidney stones, Urinary Tract Infections, Hypertension, and more. Water helps in absorbing the minerals, nutrients from our food that increases the chances of staying healthy and happy.

Water Aids cognitive functions

Proper hydration plays an important role in our brain functionality. It helps in better focus, alertness, and short-term memory.

These days, we all are using different water purifiers, and filters that are washing off the natural minerals and nutrients from the water. So we are not getting any of the above benefits by drinking water. That is why we drinking Natural Mineral Water is the best choice to stay healthy as it is water in its true form where no artificial treatments are applied.

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