RO Water vs. Natural Mineral Water: What Does a Healthy Human Body Need?

RO Water vs. Natural Mineral Water: What Does a Healthy Human Body Need?

Is RO water being trusted a lot? Has it become synonymous with water of good health? It is not, let’s start reading more about it to understand why RO water is not as good as we have been thinking.

RO water is safe, but is it healthy? 

While there are many more healthy alternative sources of natural mineral water available today, is RO water fit for long term consumption? How does it par with natural mineral water like Hege?

Read on to know answers to all your questions in this blog.

What is RO water?

RO water is the most common type of purified water where harmful contaminants like lead, mercury, chromium-6, chlorine, bacteria, parasites and other dissolved solids are removed by the Reverse Osmosis process.

On average RO process removes upto 98% of the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) in water including the harmful chemicals along with the very essential minerals making it safer but not healthier for regular consumption. This is the cost-effective way for water purification which is why bottled water plants use it to mass produce regular bottled water from municipal water sources and/or polluted ground water sources.

However, the problems posed by this type of water purification are multifold.

Common Problems with RO Purification & Side Effects of RO Water:

While the RO process removes the harmful contaminants, it also comfortably leeches away all the essential minerals that are vital for optimal health.

According to a World Health Organisation study here, ideal drinking water must at least contain 10 mg/L of Magnesium, 100 mg/L dissolved salts, 30 mg/L of Calcium and 30 mg/L of bicarbonate ion to call it ideal water source for regular consumption. Not only RO water is unfortunately free of all these minerals, when used for cooking purposes it also tends to reduce the mineral absorption in other foods too.

In addition to this, RO water that is produced from removing 98% of TDS and minerals tend to be slightly acidic which tends to aggravate kidney disorders & gastrointestinal problems in the longer run.

RO water due to its low minerals and TDS composition is less thirst-quenching than natural water. This reduced hydration further increases the need for consumption of more RO water, which mean more health problems.

RO water vs Natural Mineral Water:

RO water is devoid of minerals and reduces the absorption of minerals from food sources. This mineral deficiency can invisibly lead to a slew of health problems, especially among elder adults. The RO water is also acidic and less hydrating which triggers a vicious cycle of health problems when consumed in the longer run.

Let us compare all these properties of RO water to the Natural Mineral Water like Hege which is characterised by the following:

1. Natural minerals for higher bio-absorption: Natural mineral water is loaded with macro and micro minerals like Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Sulphur, Iron, Zinc, Iodine, Selenium, and Copper in their highest bioavailable form for optimal health.

2. Natural Mineral Water is alkaline: Unlike RO water that is slightly acidic, natural mineral water is alkaline due to its healthy TDS and mineral composition making it perfect for life-long consumption.

3. High hydration capabilities:  With its potent mineral composition and alkaline nature, natural mineral water replenishes all the electrolytes while being highly thirsty-quenching at the same time.

RO Water vs. Natural Mineral Water: Which is better for the human body?

Natural mineral water is loaded with all the essential natural minerals for optimal health. It is highly hydrating due to its natural composition and as a result it is widely savoured by elite athletes all around the world for its health benefits.

So natural mineral water is hands down, the best type of drinking water that our body needs every day.

Natural Hege for Natural Mineral Water:

Though RO water tends to be safe it can trigger a slew of health problems and is not an ideal fit for daily consumption in the long term. That said, RO water is cheap and easily accessible and hence can only be resorted to if natural mineral water is not readily available. However, Natural Hege has made it possible for everyone to access the goodness of natural mineral water straight from the Himalayas.

With a goal to guard the health-conscious against the grips of unhealthy RO water, Natural Hege has made its mission to provide the best Himalayan natural mineral water available in India to every household. Today we deliver 100% natural mineral water in its pure and pristine state in 20-litre water cans to your doorstep for daily consumption.

If optimal health is your priority now, choosing the right drinking water is the most effective and easiest way to kick start your journey. And Natural Hege is here to help.

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