How Alkaline Mineral Water Benefits Your General Well-being?

How Alkaline Mineral Water Benefits Your General Well-being?

Natural alkaline mineral water has a plethora of wellness benefits for the body.

William Gaunitz, founder of Advanced Trichology and a certified trichologist said in a Shape article, “Every day the vast majority of what we consume as food or drink is considered to be acidic. When our bodies process the acids, they're striving for a neutral pH around 7.3. To get back to the neutral pH, your body relies on stores of alkalizing minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium.”

Which, in many cases, “creates inflammation which then directly impacts the hair growth cycle," he said, and then continued about the idea behind drinking alkaline water, which is that "you're giving your body a high level of alkaline minerals ready to be used to neutralise those acids so that your body does not have to steal them from other organ systems like your bones, internal organ development, or skin and hair,” he said.

And speaking of skin, a way to stop environmental aggressors from messing with it is via alkaline water, which is a rich source of antioxidants. It is these aggressors that damage your skin’s natural barrier functionality, causing it to age prematurely and cause signs like fine lines and wrinkles to appear. So using alkaline water as part of your beauty routine helps negate these aggressors and keeps your skin’s appearance young and youthful.

But there’s more to it. Drinking alkaline water or washing your face with an alkaline face wash can neutralise acidity and get your oily skin a little under control by restricting the excess sebum production. It also helps in opening up your pores and gives them a deep cleanse.

Bone Health

That’s just the skin and the hair, among its other wellness benefits comes bone health.
Acidosis, a condition where there’s too much acid in the body fluids isn’t one that comes to mind when one thinks of bone-related health issues or osteoporosis to be specific.

In most cases, age and heredity play a part in developing osteoporosis or low bone mass, but a study conducted on postmenopausal women stated that acidic diets have adverse effects on bone health too, which unfortunately is the diet of most of us. The acidic drinks and snacks we eat  compel our bodies to work overtime, and Unless we take steps to neutralise these acids, they can damage our health in many ways — and this is the underlying cause of many of our modern health problems.

If the kidneys face excessive acid levels or insufficient buffering minerals in the blood and tissues, then the body is forced to draw alkalizing minerals first from the blood, then, if necessary, from tissues such as muscle, and ultimately from the bone stores.

To keep the balance, our bodies will remove vital elements from the bones, such as iron and calcium, to achieve that equilibrium. Mineral loss causes a decline in bone strength, leading to osteoporosis.

And this very study tested “the effect of alkaline drinking water on bone mineral density”, which brought us an incredibly helpful and easy way to support our body in fighting these battles inside us.

According to their findings, “the consumption of water at alkaline pH, as with alkaline diets, has a positive effect on increasing bone density and can be used to neutralise the adverse effects of acidic diets”.

Unless the total acid content of the body is routinely and regularly controlled, once the effects of osteoporosis begin even the medicines taken to control the acid levels in your body may not work directly on your bones since the effects of osteoporosis will keep continuing.
And the best way to do that? Replace your plain drinking water with natural alkaline mineral water. This will over time result in a stable bone mass and might even eliminate the need for additional supplements.

The mineral loss from osteoporosis can be fought by providing to the body minerals like calcium, potassium and magnesium found in alkaline water. Also, excessive acidity can be prevented by neutralising acids in the body's cells and helping it function normally.

People who have osteoporosis have more calcium in their urine, and this water can help reduce the quantity of calcium removed from the body in that form. Which otherwise would have contributed to the loss of bone density.

And if you've gotten that under control but are wondering how to include natural alkaline mineral water to your hair care regimen, then the instructions are simple:

Try rinsing your hair post-shampoo with it. Alternatively, mix it in your favourite hair mask recipe.

These practices can enhance hydration, ensuring a healthy scalp and boosting hair growth.

To Summarise

Natural alkaline mineral water has numerous benefits for the body. The boons like hair, skin and bone health are merely scratching the surface.

Read on about the other benefits to understand just how beneficial it is for your health and your family's. And if you intend to start drinking some of that natural goodness yourself, Hege is a good place to buy it.


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